QSolar’s founder and inventor of the QNS-PV cell, Dr. Kyu Choi, is a pioneer and innovator in semiconductor memory technology for over 35 years. He founded and was CEO of O2IC and Soft Device for 14 years and the Executive Director of R&D at Samsung for 10 years and holds more than 30 Memory and Si-PV patents.

Dr, Kyu Choi’s CV
  • CEO , Qsolar Technology Inc ( 2009- Present )
  • ex Visiting Scholar at Univ. of California at Berkeley
  • Inventor of A New Solar Cell Structure (5 Patents)
  • Inventor of McRAM Technology   ( 18 Patents)
  • O2IC / Soft Device Inc, CEO 1994 – 2008
  • Samsung, R&D The Executive Director 1985 – 1994
  • Synertek-Honeywell, Signetics, Intel
  • Technology development: SRAM, DRAM and FLASH
  • Ph.D in University of Oregon
  • BS/MS in Seoul National University Korea (Honor)